Photo by Lake Shots Photography

by Deanna Wolff

When it’s time for fun on the dock, you want to be safe and you want to keep your stuff safe. These Lake of the Ozarks businesses have unique innovations to make your dock fun and safe, and a way to catch sneaky intruders in the act.

1. Dock Boxes and Lockers

If you want to keep the valuables on your dock safe year-round, you’ll want to get a dock box or locker from B&B Composites’. Built right here at the Lake, all include a lock and key and shocks to hold the lid up or door open, are available in custom colors, and come in multiple sizes. Other customizations such as lighting, shelving, and hook systems are also available. Starting at $700.

2. Analytic Security Cameras

There are security cameras and there are analytic security cameras, and Lakewood Alarm is the first company that offers analytic security cameras in Missouri. The difference? Regular security cameras are so sensitive at the slightest movement, many dock owners just end up turning them off. Kind of defeats the purpose! An analytic motion-detector camera is activated only when it detects a human, and notifies the owner’s phone. Rest easy, and check on your dock, boat, and boat lift any time. Lakewood Alarm also offers 24-hour monitoring.

3. TV, Audio, and Internet

The dock is a great place to watch the game. Lakewood Alarm can design a TV and audio system for any dock (or home), and mount your TV, which can sometimes be tricky on a dock. Wi-Fi from the house not reaching the dock? Range extenders can bring high-speed streaming down to the water.

4. The Bracket Buddy

Declutter and accessorize your dock without drilling holes! Designed by the engineers at Firstmate Controls®, the Bracket Buddy™ is a universal mounting system that’s versatile and easy to install. It’s perfect for mounting kayaks, fire extinguishers, rod holders, cleats, hose hooks, fans, and so much more. You’ll wonder what you did without it.

5. Under-Dock LED Lighting

Lighting affects everything, and under-dock LED lighting installed by Catalyst Electric sets a whole new mood. They’ll come out and inspect your dock, making sure it’s up to code. (Bad wiring can be catastrophic; Catalyst will make your dock safe.) Then just choose your lighting options and they’ll provide a free estimate. You can even program your lights to change color and patterns.

6. Dock De-Icers

Ice can wreak havoc around your dock, boat, and lift, causing costly damage or even complete collapse. Summerset Boat Lifts sells and installs dock de-icers which agitate the water around your dock, preventing the water from freezing. The optional de-icer thermostat allows your de-icer to run only when the water is below a certain temperature.

7. Dock Lifeguard

After hearing about the deaths of two children in 2012 due to electrical shocks from a dock with bad wiring, a couple of engineers put their heads together and invented Dock Lifeguard™, which detects electricity on your dock frame and lift and in the water around your dock. With constant monitoring, Dock Lifeguard will audibly and visually warn you if stray electricity has been detected. A Lake Ozark-based business, Dock Lifeguard has been saving lives at lakes around the country since 2013. Starting at $950.