Johnny Alles knows boats that go zoom. And he helped build some of the most legendary ones of all.

Photo courtesy of Johnny Alles

I think I might have been conceived in a boat.

Whether a boat is truly where Johnny Alles first sparked to life or not (surely he wouldnt be the first!), hes been the spark behind some of the most famous powerboats at Lake of the Ozarks, and his family owned company High Performance Marine helps bring a sparkle back into boats at the Lake that have seen better days.

Specializing in fiberglass and gelcoat repair, Johnnys team does second-to-none work on boats, as well as cars and RVs. If you scratch up your custom paint, We can bring it back to beautiful again. We can match almost any color,he said. High Performance Marine helps touch-up new and used boats for many Lake area dealers.

Even in shipping or while they’re handling the boat, sometimes it gets messed up. Or sometimes the customer will take it out and run around for a couple weeks and say, Oops, I did this, can you get it fixed for me?You know, that kind of stuff. Dings, bumps and bruises, they’re pretty common here at the Lake.

He added, We do mobile work. Hardly anybody else is doing that. So if you bump into the dock with your 44 Sea Ray, we can go down to the dock as long as it’s in our neighborhood we’ll go down there and fix it for you, right on the dock too.


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