She started fishing Lake of the Ozarks during Covid lockdowns. Now Katie angles like a pro.

Photo courtesy of Katie Angles

by Kate Robbins 

Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 disrupted the lives of people across the country, and being stuck at home is a time that few look back fondly on. But for one woman, the lockdowns were a chance to find a new passion: angling.

A social media strategist for a Fortune 500 company, Katie Angles began fishing during Covid lockdowns as a way to get out of the house, when there was little else to do. (“Angles” isn’t her last name, but she likes it for the sake of privacy, and it’s her social media handle, too.)

I was going out to the dock to just throw a couple castssometimes I’d be down there for a couple of hours. And it was really just to enjoy the scenery of the Lake and the peacefulness of the Lake, you know, and if I caught a fish in the process, then that was icing on the cake,she said.

Photo courtesy of Katie Angles

Soon Katie found her angling skills were improving, as she dove deeper into the sport.


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