photo by Nathan Bechtold

by Mike Kircher

I have been a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain at Lake of the Ozarks for 5 years. In that short time, I have learned that boat charters at the Lake are about more than just driving a boat. I am navigator (nobody knows where they are), tour guide, and entertainer. It is my job to show passengers a good time, and many times the success of my charter is determined by the quality of their dining experience. Among the many waterfront restaurants at the Lake, I can count on Redhead Lakeside Grill to deliver, every time.

Redhead Lakeside Grill opened in June of 2015. It did not take long to establish themselves as a leader in lakefront dining at Lake of the Ozarks. They have dominated local awards, winning Best Waterfront Dining for 4 years in a row. Redhead has also been recognized over the years for many community contributions and organizations, lending aid to Kids Harbor, Children’s Learning Center and Daybreak Rotary.

photo by Nathan Bechtold

Although Redhead Lakeside Grill is very unique in appearance and quality, what truly sets them apart is their menu. According to General Manager Elmo Willoughby, abundant planning, research and fun goes into the development of the menu. Chef Pierre Torres works very hard year-round to come up with new and exciting menu items, while always working on perfecting menu staples. The menu is inspired by Chef Torres, whose influences are French paired with modern Indian, all wrapped up with a Caribbean touch… and, of course, presented with a Midwestern sensibility.

Staying on top is not easy. Menu changes are necessary to always have something new to offer, while also improving existing menu items. The staff at Redhead tries to stay ahead of food trends, as well as market prices, dietary needs and allergies. Chef Torres works very closely with the staff in menu preparation. They start running potential new menu items as specials very early in the spring. They then use customer feedback to tweak potential new menu items before making revisions.

photo by Nathan Bechtold

So take this captain’s advice. You are already planning the next date when friends and family are coming to the Lake. Your job is to show them a good time, and the success of your boat trip will depend on the dining experience. Redhead Lakeside Grill will deliver!

Redhead Lakeside Grill is located by water at the 21.5 mile marker, in Miller Hollow cove. By land, they are at 1700 Yacht Club Dr. off of Hwy KK in Osage Beach. For more information, visit