photo by Lake Shots Photography

Explore the shore: eight must-see spots on Lake of the Ozarks.

by Kate Robbins

Leisurely cruising down the Lake of the Ozarks, gawking at (and sometimes critiquing!) the mansions on the shoreline is a well-loved boating pastime. But in addition to homes, the Lake’s shoreline hosts plenty more peculiar sights: from a remote cove covered in flowers, to an edifice from the Lake’s pre-history, to—yes—some really, really big houses. So we put together a list of interesting spots to see from the water, and thought: since the Lake is colloquially known as the “Magic Dragon,” perhaps we could use a dragon as the guide?

Sketch by Miranda Winston

Local artist Miranda Winston sketched a dragon silhouette over the Lake, and it made this Lake tour even more unique. (Check out to get your own LOZ Magic Dragon as a print, hat, or t-shirt. Contact for commission requests.)

The goal for you, boater? Visit every one of these, this summer.


Flowerpot Cove

Where: Glaize Arm, 9MM — The “Ankle”

Photo by Nathan Bechtold

Tucked away in a calm cove back at the 9MM, the name Flowerpot Cove says it all. The dock is literally overflowing with countless tropical flowers, the large patio covers are painted with bright floral designs, and the standing umbrellas are a rainbow of color. It’s definitely worth the trip out to the Grand Glaize!

The Castle at the 19MM

Where: Main Channel, 19MM — The “Chest”

Photo by Lake Shots Photography

The Lake boasts plenty of beautiful homes, but this Castle takes the cake. The huge property looks over the 19MM with glossy windows all the way down and spires poking into the sky. This estate has all the grandeur and elegance of a real castle and it’s a can’t miss sight! 

Villages At Shawnee Bend

Where:  Main Channel, 20MM — The “Heart”

Photo by Lake Shots Photography

Go pretty much anywhere on the main channel, and you’ll pass sprawling mansions and imposing estates perched atop cliffs along the shoreline. But for a slow-idle home-tour you won’t forget, putter into the coves around the 20MM Mile Marker. You’ll know them when you see them: The Villages At Shawnee Bend. Two or three coves of homes that any boater could enjoy.  Each one is unique and fascinating, with huge windows and elegant structure that would put any in-land mansion to shame. Anyone looking for design ideas for a new house or just enjoy house-spotting, The Villages At Shawnee Bend will be perfect for you.

House On Stilts

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