Riggs Request offers Lake homeowners peace of mind

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Whether it’s the winter months or just a summer weekday, Lake of the Ozarks second-homeowners are forced to deal with a dilemma: who is keeping an eye on the Lake house when they’re gone?

When a home is vacant, issues go unaddressed: something like a slow leak from a water softener, a leak from an old water heater, or a frozen pipe can spell catastrophe. But often disaster can be avoided with a routine home watch visit.

Lake of the Ozarks’ only home watch company accredited by the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) gives homeowners peace of mind and more time back in their Lake lives. Phil and Kristen Riggs, founders and Personal Home Managers with Riggs Request LLC, work with homeowners across the Lake area to overcome the challenges of owning a Lake home.

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“No one wants to receive a call or show up months later to water damage, rodents, or a missing dock,” Kristen pointed out. “That’s a big reason why we started Riggs Request; we believe our Home Watch Plans and concierge services help our clients spend more time enjoying the Lake and prevent small problems from becoming big disasters.”

The company owners personally conduct scheduled visits to homes on a routine basis, where they report on any obvious issues and can coordinate on any needed maintenance. Each home watch visit begins with a 45-point inspection that is customized to each home and concludes with a report to the homeowners with photos and notes on the condition of the property.

For Angela, a homeowner in Sunrise Beach, having a home watch provider meant making sure their home was always “Lake-ready” whenever they arrive. As a client of Riggs Request, she has access to a variety of concierge services in addition to her home watch visits.

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“Our family comes to the Lake almost every weekend in the summer,” Angela said. “There is always so much involved in getting the house ready and looking after it. When we hired Riggs Request, we were able to save time and money by having them monitor the condition of our home for us. It’s so nice to have a trusted person watch over our home and alert us of any issues. The attention to detail is so appreciated and they are so responsive”.

The owner-operated company also serves investment property owners who rent their Lake homes out – often conducting post-rental home watch inspections. As any short-term rental owner knows, it is not uncommon for a dish to be left on the dock or furniture to get a new ding – a Riggs Request Personal Home Manager can make sure homeowners’ inventory is accounted for and any damage is documented.

“One of the things we love about Lake of the Ozarks is how unique each home is,” Kristen said. “That’s why we provide homeowners at the Lake with a free Personal Home Evaluation so we are familiar with the unique intricacies of each property whenever they need us.”

Contact Riggs Request: 573-873-6004

Online: riggsrequest.com

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