Tucker’s Shuckers, Photo by Lake Shots Photography

by Kate Robbins

“Let’s go to Tucker’s!” You’ll hear that phrase ringing around Lake Ozark just before lunch and dinner, as Tucker’s Shuckers Oyster & Tap has become a staple for casual, delicious dining at the Lake.

Tucker’s raised the bar for dining on the Strip when they arrived in 2015. Located right next to the family-favorite Malted Monkey, Tucker’s Shuckers serves up top-notch and unique menu items, from seafood, to burgers and steaks. And that says nothing about their incredible selection of oysters!

At this point if you haven’t eaten at Tucker’s, there’s no excuse: it’s time. And here are a few ideas to expand your horizons, next time you go…

To Eat

Tucker’s Shuckers, Photo by Lake Shots Photography

Oysters Rockefeller

Not everyone is an oyster fan, but the restaurant is named after them, so you’d be remiss to skip them. This one is a perfect one for the oyster-lover or the first-timer. The Oysters Rockefeller are topped with a bread crust and baked, leaving a delicious morsel on the shell. The savory flavor is enriched with a sauce of butter, cheese and green herbs. No matter who you are, these Rockefellers are sure to impress!

Tucker’s Shuckers, Photo by Lake Shots Photography

Lobster Mac & Cheese

As indulgent as it sounds. This rich, creamy dish brings together the best in mac and cheese and lobster. With a crunchy topping of panko crumbs, a delectable combination of four cheeses and hearty noodles, the mac and cheese would have been incredible on its own. But with generous chunks of tender lobster, who says mac ’n cheese has to be a side dish? This is an absolutely decadent—and filling—meal.

Tucker’s Shuckers, Photo by Lake Shots Photography

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

The Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich really is a marvel among sandwiches. The sauce on the chicken is revolutionary. Hot, yes, but unbelievably flavorful without leaving your mouth on fire or overwhelming the rest of the sandwich. A topping of coleslaw and pickles bring a wonderfully crisp texture. The only complaint? It’s so big you can barely get your mouth around it! (Don’t worry, you’ll manage.)

To Drink

Tucker’s Shuckers, Photo by Lake Shots Photography

Blueberry Old Fashioned

This blueberry and citrus old-fashioned is truly the cosmopolitan choice. With blueberry simple syrup made in-house, Knob Creek bourbon and a citrus mix of muddled orange, blueberries, cherries and a dash of bitters, this old-fashioned cuts the pleasant warmth of bourbon with the sweet hint of blueberry.

Tucker’s Shuckers, Photo by Lake Shots Photography

Shuckin’ Bloody Mary

If you’re looking for a Bloody Mary on the Lake, the Shuckin’ Bloody Mary is the mother of them all! With olives, sliced pickle, bacon garnish, and on top of it all, a whole oyster in the shell, this Bloody Mary comes to impress!

Order online: TuckersShuckers.com