I loved “A Lake Story,” [editor’s note] and related to so much of falling in love with this place by wonderful family vacation experiences and memories. My husband’s family used to come to the Lake starting in the 1950’s with other families to camp, stay in those little cabins near the Strip and water ski. I too, remember our son spending his own money on a stand-up jet ski and he and Drew Bednara racing that thing around the water.

We always planned to not only vacation, but retire here.  We are so grateful to have the health and wherewithal to finally be able to realize that dream.

Jane Cunningham


photo credit: Jackson Davis/Netflix

My wife and I were smitten with the Ozark story in the most recent issue of Shore. While Jason Bateman and Laura Linney make the area we grew up seem not so nice, the aerial footage and Ozark country feel are awesome. Hope Shore magazine covers Season #3.

David Duggan, KC MO.


If you want a funny story about how strong the lure to the Lake of the Ozarks can be, my family story is a good one.

We have vacationed in the Ozarks for the last 20 years and specifically at a house in Tan Tar A Estates that we have stayed at for a week for the last 6 years. The house came on the market last year so we decided to purchase it as investors, and that would allow us to go to the lake two or three weeks each summer rather than one.

We purchased the house in December 2018 and started the remodel hoping to be done in time to start renting it in May. We were ready come May 1 but Tan Tar A became Margaritaville and we were having a ball with our new pontoon boat, jet ski, golf cart and lily pad. We decided to push our renting out to June… then July… then decided oh heck, maybe next year we’ll rent it.

We spent most of the summer at the lake and plan on spending most of the fall at the lake as well. I am not really sure whether we will find it in us to be landlords next year or not. The entire family enjoys the new Margaritaville so much as well as everything lake life in the Ozarks brings that this may end up being a really bad rental investment… although a really good life changing purchase!

C. Sterling Scott


I want to tell you how much I love the Shore Magazine.  The cover is truly beautiful and depicts the love that all of us have for the beautiful sunsets here at the Lake of the Ozarks. They are a beauty that is unlike any other! I have the magazine sitting on my coffee table and enjoy it every day… It is not only a great magazine but also an accent piece in my room. I love the great articles on history… I love the insight the magazine gives to different restaurants here at the lake and the feature stories you have from each one. I am a full-timer but still went and tried some of the great drinks and meals that I learned about in your article. The magazine gives such insight to the lake and the activities here, as well as the great reputable businesses that are advertising.  Shore is a boater’s book: if you love the lake and love to boat, it’s definitely the magazine for you. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Christy Janssen